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  • Flower Printer Custom Your Favorite Roses

    Flower Printer Custom Your Favorite Roses

    Flower printer is not a new technology any more. Since Qingdao Unique produced the first flower printer in the world in 2007, there is a high demand in custom flower market. The theory of Flower printing is easy to understand. The device uses a high-tech electronic float painting techniques, any custom text, logo, image, message can be printed on the surface of flower petals, leaves, fruits, etc. It makes an ordinary flower different from others, make a flower speak and greet to people, and deliver romantic feeling to lovers. The printing process will neither hurt the flowers, nor affect the normal growth of flowers.

    Flower print machine work on 3 dimensional objects, the core of this technology depends on the accuracy of the relative movement between flower and printer, which in return affects the quality of the printed image. As a customer, you should pay special attention to the performance indicators.

    In addition, when purchase flower printers, investors should pay attention to the resolution, holder, software and image gallery. Just as UN-FL-MN107E from Qingdao Unique, the printing resolution is as high as 4800dpi, and its auto-fit flower shape holder is beautiful and practical. Moreover the height of the holder is adjustable with flower size, which enables it to print on a variety kinds of flowers.

    User-friendly software is another element that matters. Make sure the software is rich and powerful in editing pictures. The software supporting the overall tone of image can be adjusted along with the nature color change of flowers, so that the color contrast is strong enough to achieve the best printing effect.

    Getting a flower printer will greatly promote your business and help you get incomparable advantages in the local flower industry. The printed speaking roses will greatly improve the grades and novelty of your bouquet, and you can print customer's photograph, trademark, pictures on flowers, thus greatly improve selling flowers.



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