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  • Printing on Flowers Decorating a Unique Wedding
    Flowers are indispensible element for decorating a wedding ceremony. If you are attentive enough, you will find the cost of flower may account for a large proportion among the whole cost. Flower means love, romantic and beauty. And getting flowers spoken is even more thoughtful and meaningful to the sweet lovers. But how to make the flowers special? Why not try printing on flowers with a flower printer? 
    You may wonder how to printing on flowers, and at the first heard of flower printers, you may also wonder what is flower printer and it works? 
    A flower printer is a kind of digital printing machine using inkjet printing theory to print pictures, texts and other DIY elements on the flowers. Flowers with lively pictures and languages will add more value and may contribute to unexpected effect, especially in a wedding ceremony. 
    There are several tips you should know when printing on flowers. Check before printing. Make sure the printers is ready for use, make sure you put the flower in the right place, and make sure you have edit the picture and adjust the position, the size of it. When printing on flowers, make sure to smear base coat on the surface of printing area. After the printing work been done, make sure to dry the ink otherwise the picture or word would be rubbed off.
    No matter for a flower shop or a wedding planner, a flower printing machine would be a good invest. With a flower printer, your special competitive advantage could be highlighted, accompanying with flow of orders.
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