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  • Speaking Rose Printer Personalize Unique Flowers
    The speaking roses combined the messages of greeting cards and the beauty of flowers together. It is a creative and romantic way of expression with both the glamour of roses and human emotions for special occasions. The attractive speaking rose will grab every recipient’s eyes, and the latter will be impressed or moved by the thoughtful sender. The advantage of speaking roses is obvious. No matter as a glamour gift, or as an advertising approach, the speaking rose definitely plays a role in people’s life.
    As we know, the speaking rose is produced by printing machine, in the other words, speaking rose printer. Speaking rose printer is to emboss customized images and messages on the live rose petals or artificial roses. With special printing techniques, any photo, text can be easily printed onto the surface of the petals. 
    In today’s society, DIY market is increasingly popular. People love to design and make things by one’s own hands. In some country, DIY class is essential to kids in order to foster their ability of handing. Personalizing unique rose bouquets belong to this category. Speaking rose printer is a useful tool to emboss on roses and other flowers, and a practical method to print out your ideas. The most important part is fresh and creative ideas, you have to think of innovative designs and patterns to put on the flowers. Of course, the function of design is available for the printing machine. On the other hand, Speaking rose printer will surprise you by promote your business. With small investment on a speaking rose printer, your sales of flowers may boost, and your profit may be incredible. 
    Printing on flower is easy, unique, fun and lucrative! Why not contact for more information.  
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