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  • Why the Market Loves Printed Flowers, Roses and Lily?

    Why the Market Loves Printed Flowers, Roses and Lily?

    In most ceremonies, flowers such as rose and lily are indispensible part for decorating the place. Everyone knows why: the flowers are beautiful, and their scents and aroma can generate marvelous and positive senses among people. Rose symbolizes romantic love, so roses are grandly used in wedding day and valentine's day. Lily means pure and honest, it is also many girl’s favorite flower. What about printed flowers? 
    In today’s personalization market, the demand of printed flowers is rising, for the printed blossomes can be used in for many applications that you may never thought of. Printing a custom text, personalized messages, unique photos, classy logos on the petals of live flowers will sure deeply impress the ones who get or see them. Printing images or texts is not limited to live flowers, artificial flowers, soap flowers can also be done of this process. 
    The applications of printed flowers are almost endless, you are only limited by your imagination. Print flower with the name of a bride, groom and the wedding date, the flowers will be a big hit at the wedding ceremony. When valentine's day arrives, a handful of red roses with each saying “I love you” would be the best gift for your girl friend and also the best way to convey your emotional feelings, especially when you are not at the same city and can’t see each other. Artificial flowers with the word “welcome” ”glad to have you here” in a bathroom of resort hotel, local bed, or breakfast would impress the travelers. Printed flowers can also apply to advertisement. This kind of one-of-a-kind advertisement will easily attract people’s attention.
    The technology of printing on flowers from Qingdao unique made it easy for everyone to create printed flowers. The process uses inkjet printing system to paint directly on petals of flowers. If you are already a florist, why not provide this custom service so as to boost your sales.
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