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  • 2015 Where to Buy Flower Printer?

    Where to Buy Flower Printer?

    When send flowers to family and friends, do you have to put a flower blessing card in it? You may spend time and bother to pick a card. Well, you may worry about if your handwriting looks good.

    unique flower printer

    So flowers printer will play to the custom flower industry, it could help you save a lot of trouble. It can directly put blessing words you want to say on the petals, as well as a variety of patterns. When printing, it is not going to destroy the petals. It does best in print on rose petals and lily petals.

    Unique flower printer uses a special ink cartridge, which can print 85 to 200 flowers for each carton. Each printer priced at about 1,000 Yuan. It is said that a lot of florists want to buy flower printer to boost their sales. However there are several flower printer suppliers to choose from.

    Winter is coming, can spring be far behind? The year of 2015 begins, and we are together marching to a warmer spring. Flower is symbol of spring, why not to custom unique flowers to express your feeling to the ones you care.

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